Music for Peace by Paul Mccartney
Paul Mccartney

Music for Peace

Limited Edition, Edition of: 499, Certificate of Authenticity
5.7 x 7.5
By Inquiry Only

Hand-painted resin sculpture designed by Paul McCartney.
Buying these Limited Edition sculptures, part of the revenues goes to the Non-Violence Project and will contribute to social change and bring more peace to the world.
The sculptures are delivered in a gift box. Small format: 600 g

5.7 x 7.5" (External dimensions)

$ 650.00
$ 650.00
Plus tax and $ 5.90 in shipping. | Article No. NVP06
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Background Information about Paul Mccartney
About the Non-Violence Art Project

Swedish artist Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd created the bronze sculpture "Non-Violence" in 1985 as an homage to John Lennon, who was shot in New York in December of 1980. This sculpture, a gun disarmed, now stands in 16 places around the world as a symbol of peace and non-violence.

The non-profit organization Non-Violence Project Foundation has made its goal to promote world peace through educational initiatives. As part of the Non-Violence Art Project, world-famous personalities such as Yoko Ono and Muhammad Ali create their own versions of the knotted-barrel revolver. A portion of the proceeds from these sculptures benefits the initiative.

About Paul McCartney

With songs like "Let It Be" and "Yesterday," Paul McCartney has composed some of the biggest pieces in pop history. His first major success came in October of 1963 with The Beatles when “Twist and Shout” conquered the charts. Today, he is in the Guinness World Records with over 100 million singles sales and 60 gold records to his name.

McCartney has been active in charitable causes since the 1970s. The former Beatle has played countless benefit concerts to help victims of natural disasters or support socially disadvantaged youths.

In April of 2012, Paul McCartney became a peace ambassador for the non-profit organization Non-Violence Project. McCartney’s pistol sculpture recreates the ornamentation and color scheme of his famous piano from Magical Mystery Tour. The colorful work of art is not only a symbol of peace, but also a piece of musical history.
English musician Sir Paul McCartney was born in 1942 and rose to international superstardom as the bassist and singer of The Beatles. After the band broke up, he launched a solo career with the album McCartney in 1970 before starting the band Wings. A winner of multiple Grammys and recipient of a star on Hollywood’s walk of fame, McCartney was knighted by Queen Elisabeth II in 1997.