Im Juni vor einem Jahr by Edward B. Gordon
Edward B. Gordon

Im Juni vor einem Jahr

2013 / 2015
Small Open Edition
14.3 x 10.4

Mounted under acrylic glass in a floater frame - Canadian Maple Brown

15.7 x 11.8" (External dimensions)

$ 219.00
Plus tax and $ 24 in shipping. | Article No. EBG401
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Background Information about Edward B. Gordon
An observer, a chronicler of moments, Edward B. Gordon is a passionate portraitist of modern daily life who splits his time between London and Berlin. His large-format oil paintings seek to capture unique moments. They are discreet in nature, echoing our daily perceptions, and yet the scenes are full of poetry and density. Painted to be realistic, his images are like the photographs captured on city streets, yet they also contain an additional atmospheric quality. Light is the source of inspiration for Gordon. On his forays through the city he is inspired by normal, everyday moments: The back of a woman, an unusual beam of light. His images seem unusually close to us: Something from the present is transformed into the poetic. Colours and contrasts collide with one another, exploding the greyness of everyday life and reducing themselves to individual sensual elements. For many years an author of a blog presenting an oil painting every day, Gordon still mixes his colours himself. What others do with the camera and the simple operation of the shutter, Gordon does with the brush and the naked eye. Whether focusing on small, fleeting strokes, or impressive, full-screen depictions, his style is unmistakeable.

Stephan Reisner
1966Born in Hannover, Germany
2006Starts working on his blog “A Painting A Day”

Lives and works in Berlin, Germany and in London, UK

2012Vier Jahre Später, LIEBKRANZ Galerie Berlin, Germany
2003Edward B. Gordon, Egyptian Embassy in Berlin, Germany
1990 - 2006

Exhibitions in London, Paris, Florence, New York