Claudio Gotsch


2016 / 2019
Limited Edition, Edition of: 100, Signed
47.2 x 59.1
Gallery Only

Mounted under acrylic glass - Lumasec

47.2 x 59.1" (External dimensions)

$ 2,990.00
$ 2,990.00
Plus tax and $ 54 in shipping. | Article No. CGO46
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Background Information about Claudio Gotsch
To get the perfect picture, Claudio Gotsch has been known to spend hours hiding in a camouflage tent. “The animals must come to me, not the other way around”, explains the photographer from Switzerland’s Engadin Valley. He portrays the region’s diverse fauna in expressive pictures that reflect his reverence for nature. Particularly impressive are his breathtakingly intense black & white shots. They open our eyes to the wildlife of the Alps, showing us an animal kingdom worth preserving.

Gotsch’s calming landscapes are also a testament to the idyllic and yet imposing mountains of his homeland. The monumental mountain panoramas leave us longing to become one with nature. We can almost smell the fresh mountain air.

A passion for photography has followed Gotsch since his early childhood. “It is amazing what you discover when you open your eyes to the natural world”, says the artist. His gentle, thoughtful approach presents a stark contrast to the fast-paced living of today.
Born in Switzerland
Lives and works in La Punt, Switzerland