Paris by Chisel & Mouse
Chisel & Mouse


Open Edition, Signed
11.8 x 11.8

OPEN EDITION: Signed and numbered
Based on accurate data this urban architectural model shows the fascinating urban fabric and city centre of Paris. The area represents a total of 1.5km x 1.5km and is centred on the Arc de Triomphe region. The model can wall hang or be displayed on a desk or table top.
Material: Plaster model, Acrylic box frame
Location: Paris, France
Dimension: 30cm high, 30cm wide, 5cm deep & 2kg approximately

11.8 x 11.8" (External dimensions)

$ 340.00
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Background Information about Chisel & Mouse
Robert and Gavin Paisley celebrate the beauty of the industrialized world. The British brothers create detailed models of architectural masterpieces in honor of urban landscapes. The artist name "Chisel & Mouse" reveals the concept behind the art; the Paisleys combine artisanal skill (the chisel) with the latest 3D printing technology (the mouse).

Miniature models have been sparking imaginations for hundreds of years, revealing the world from a new perspective. Viewers see expansive areas covered in high rises, streets, rivers, and parks. You can explore this world in-depth and bask in the sheer variety found in global cities such as New York, Paris, and London. The city lives and breathes.

For architecture fans, these little models are much more than graphic prints and to-scale handiwork. The Paisleys say: “In architecture, we find a physical and emotional manifestation of an art form and are typically moved to ponder and reflect its meaning.”
Robert and Gavin Paisley started Chisel & Mouse in 2011 in Nutley, East Sussex. Both were previously working as software entrepreneurs. They have lived in major cities including London, Madrid, Paris, and Istanbul. Their work could be seen at the Clerkenwell Design Festival and the exhibition at the fair Maison et Objet.