Forest Photography

Forest Photography for Sale

A camera. A lens. A photo artist with a vision for turning a landscape scene into an artistic composition.

Our portfolio of renowned and emerging artists includes some of the most exciting talents working in the art of landscape photography. From cool greens to autumnal reds, and from icy thickets to vast jungles, our collection of forests contains some of the most elegant fine artworks available today.

Lumas Forest Photographers

Christiane Steinicke

Christiane Steinicke's work portrays the majesty of the deep woods. The plush reds and golden light of her artworks transport us to another place.

Hartwig Klappert

Hartwig Klappert's photographs show us something of the unexpected. In his works, we glimps thickets of forest deep in snowy landscapes.

Barry Cawston

Mostly known as Banksy's documenatarian, Barry Cawston is also an original artist in his own right. His colorful forest photography, which makes majestic use of light and tone, reveals him to be a visual poet.

Stephanie Kloss

Works by Stephanie Kloss are animated by the cool, misty green of the jungle. Her numinous works put us in a dreamscape of her design.

Steven Friedman

Steven Friedman shows us the forest at eye level, offering us views populated with tree trunks. The bracketed frame, and the red orange colors, place us right there on the forest floor.

Sabine Wild

Sabine Wild is a master of natural architecture. At times she portrays the forests according to this natural architecture. At others it merges, in her vision, with a more anthropocentric architecture.

David Baker

David Baker's haunting photographs of English forests capitalize on lighting conditions. His works rely on the fog, overcast conditions, the morning sun, and natural light for their stunning affects.

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