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Photographic Nocturnes: Art and the Night Sky

In modern art, the night sky has been the subject of legendary artworks. In particular, movements like impressionism and expressionism were informed by a great interest in the everyday encounter with nature. Paintings by Claude Monet and Camille Pissarro made hay of shifting lighting conditions throughout the day and night. In a number of famous paintings, Vincent Van Gogh depicted the starry night sky in a pictorial language separated from traditional representation. Edvard Munch moved further away from realism, inspired to paint the night sky as an expression of his emotional states in Starry Night.

In photography, the night sky has a parallel history. Even before American painter James Abbott McNeill Whistler was creating his series of nocturnes in the 1870's, photographers had been experimenting with daguerrotypes to capture the night sky. With technical advancements in the last quarter of the 19th century, the night sky became a subject of astronomical photography, and eventually of photographic art. Today, photographic artists use a variety of techniques to capture the night sky to painterly effect.

The night sky by LUMAS photo artists

Babak Tafreshi captures glistening celestial skies over peaceful landsacpes. His photographs, especially in larger formats, are a vivid complement to any decor concept.

The astrophotography group Ciel Austral penetrates beyond the lower canopies of the night sky to take the viewer directly into the cosmos. Space themed art is a kind of logical conclusion of photography aimed directly upwards.

Luc Dratwa is a master of the cityscape. In color and black and white, through windows and from high above, his urban portraits pull the viewer into portals which have the effect of frames regressing into frames. His aerial photographs show the city, using the night sky as his point of view.