Mixed-Media Art for Sale

Our curators' selection of mixed-media artworks includes those created through more than one medium. Our artists working across mediums bring together painting, drawing, photography, and printmaking to achieve stunning results. Explore our selection of mixed-media art, and find a stunning artwork to tie your space together!

Mixed-media art

The history of mixed-media techniques in modern art follows a similar trajectory to that of collage art. The first modern mixed-media piece is often said to also be the first modern piece of collage art: Pablo Picasso's 1912 Still Life with Chair Caning.

But there are a number of important distinctions to be drawn between the two working methods. Whereas collage art is not necessarily created with more than one medium - the contemporary photo collage proving this exception - and, more crucially, is aimed at creating one coherent entire image, mixed-media art is fundamentally art which was created using a variety of techniques. While collage is often typologized as a kind of mixed media technique, this is not always the case, owing more to the diversity of the former.

As an art form, mixed media entails some combined usage of drawing, painting, sculpture photography, digital methods, or multimedia formats like video. It is often associated with installation art, or 3D pieces, but may also refer to a work of art, such as the majority of mixed-media artworks in our portfolio, which were created in a multi-step process involving the application of one technique to a work which has been created or most recently worked on with another.

Mixed-Media Art for your Walls

In one's home, mixed-media artworks can be attention-grabbing. The aesthetic effect of a mixed-media piece is likely to be bold and eye-catching, the technique being naturally similar to abstract or conceptual art.

While mixed-media works are demanding, and even though they can present as somewhat unbalanced, this is not necessarily a bad thing. We recommend embracing the effect of these artworks. Colorful painting, black and white photography, drawings with strong line and stencil effect - the specific combination of mediums and the effect engendered by a given motif and color pallette are most relevant.

When considering where and how to introduce a work to your interior design concept, try to understand a given room as a kind of metaphorical equivalent to the features or energies associated with the respective mediums and motifs. In other words, a room which feels appropriate for photography might be "expanded" through a work which combines photography and painting. Another which already features family photos, home furnishings like bowls, vases, or design objects, or posters, might be productively supplemented by a work is created through techniques already featured in the room.

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