Last Prints

Once LUMAS Limited Editions reach the “Last Prints” status, there’s no time left to lose! These pieces are especially in demand and highly likely to sell out soon. Do not wait to order your favorites either online or in your local LUMAS gallery!

  House of Fefa (stairway) - Havana by Werner Pawlok
House of Fefa (stairway) - Havana
Werner Pawlok
from $ 899
  Urban landscape I by Bence Bakonyi
Urban landscape I
Bence Bakonyi
from $ 1,399
  Erste Symphonie by Daniel Reiter
Erste Symphonie
Daniel Reiter
  Rio de Janeiro by Henning Bock
Rio de Janeiro
Henning Bock
from $ 1,599
  Gasoline by Stefanie Schneider
Stefanie Schneider
from $ 1,999
  The Lift by Christophe Jacrot
The Lift
Christophe Jacrot
from $ 1,799
  Body Surf by Tommy Clarke
Body Surf
Tommy Clarke
from $ 1,499
  Sophie by Claudio Gotsch
Claudio Gotsch
from $ 1,399
  House of Eulalia by Werner Pawlok
House of Eulalia
Werner Pawlok
from $ 899
  Mona Vale Pool by Peter Yan
Mona Vale Pool
Peter Yan
from $ 999
  Antoinette Birds by Olaf Hajek
Antoinette Birds
Olaf Hajek
from $ 699
  Naomi Campbell by Michel Comte
Naomi Campbell
Michel Comte
  Heiße Luft, balloons 2 by Julia Christe
Heiße Luft, balloons 2
Julia Christe
from $ 469
  Water on Mars by Beatrice Hug
Water on Mars
Beatrice Hug
from $ 549
  The Handkerchief by Christophe Jacrot
The Handkerchief
Christophe Jacrot
from $ 999
  New Brighton by Josh Von Staudach
New Brighton
Josh Von Staudach
  Bonnie by Alexander Von Reiswitz
Alexander Von Reiswitz
from $ 849
  Boat No. I by Bettina Flitner
Boat No. I
Bettina Flitner
from $ 1,599
  Our New York I by Charis Tsevis
Our New York I
Charis Tsevis
from $ 1,399
  Where To Be by Derek Gores
Where To Be
Derek Gores
from $ 1,399
  East River III by Horst & Daniel Zielske
East River III
Horst & Daniel Zielske
$ 1,299
  NYKU 8406464 by Thomas Eigel
NYKU 8406464
Thomas Eigel
from $ 949
  Red Couture Valentino dress with evening bag  by Eduard Erlikh
Red Couture Valentino dress with evening bag
Eduard Erlikh
from $ 1,499
  Little miss Newton III by Andreas Kock
Little miss Newton III
Andreas Kock
  Schiff #10 by Dirk Brömmel
Schiff #10
Dirk Brömmel
from $ 1,799
  Sketch Book by Edward B. Gordon
Sketch Book
Edward B. Gordon
  Konrad Adenauer und André François-Poncet, Paris by Erich Lessing
Konrad Adenauer und André François-Poncet, Paris
Erich Lessing
  Umbrellas V by Joerg Maxzin
Umbrellas V
Joerg Maxzin
from $ 549
  Summer Palace 03 by Han Lei
Summer Palace 03
Han Lei
from $ 499
  Grand Canal, Rialto North, Venice, Italy by Larry Yust
Grand Canal, Rialto North, Venice, Italy
Larry Yust
$ 1,149
  EL Prado #7 by Larry Yust
EL Prado #7
Larry Yust
from $ 1,099
  body network 2 by Michael Papendieck
body network 2
Michael Papendieck
  DFSU 420837842G1 by Thomas Eigel
DFSU 420837842G1
Thomas Eigel
from $ 649
  39° 33' 49.5'' N 2° 38' 29.5'' E by Wolfgang Uhlig
39° 33' 49.5'' N 2° 38' 29.5'' E
Wolfgang Uhlig
from $ 3,390
  Rio di San Polo by Pep Ventosa
Rio di San Polo
Pep Ventosa
from $ 699
  Solar Habana y Amargua I by Werner Pawlok
Solar Habana y Amargua I
Werner Pawlok
from $ 3,390
  Pienza Ochre by Peter Adams
Pienza Ochre
Peter Adams
from $ 449
  Big Tank IV by Hiepler & Brunier
Big Tank IV
Hiepler & Brunier
from $ 749
  Segelboot by Peter Von Felbert
Peter Von Felbert
from $ 1,049
  Benediktinerstift Admont by Rafael Neff
Benediktinerstift Admont
Rafael Neff
from $ 599
  Jeany by Alexander Von Reiswitz
Alexander Von Reiswitz
from $ 1,599
  Hong Kong sign by Sandra Rauch
Hong Kong sign
Sandra Rauch
from $ 1,599
  El Arenal VI by Oliver Kröning & Dennis Orel
El Arenal VI
Oliver Kröning & Dennis Orel
from $ 1,999
  Maiko (Kyoto) by Farin Urlaub
Maiko (Kyoto)
Farin Urlaub
  Brooklyn Bridge I by Horst & Daniel Zielske
Brooklyn Bridge I
Horst & Daniel Zielske
from $ 799
  NYC allday by Sandra Rauch
NYC allday
Sandra Rauch
from $ 799
  Villa Alonso #1 by Michael Himpel
Villa Alonso #1
Michael Himpel
from $ 1,149
  Liquid universe I by Thanh-khoa Tran
Liquid universe I
Thanh-khoa Tran
from $ 399
  #13 by Serge Hamad
Serge Hamad
  Brücke by Gero Gries
Gero Gries
from $ 1,999

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Hand-Signed & Limited-Edition

Limited Editions

Our Limited Editions are generally produced in runs of 75 to 150. Once they are sold out, you won’t be able to find them anywhere else. That is why our artworks with the Last Prints status are especially popular. Do not hesitate – your favorite piece might sell out soon!

The Last Prints, like all our Limited Editions, are original, hand-signed works. The certificate of authenticity on the back includes the artist’s signature, the print number, edition number, and the date.