LUMAS TUI Mein Schiff5

Welcome to LUMAS aboard the TUI cruise ship Mein Schiff 5

LUMAS sets sail! We proudly present the first seafaring LUMAS gallery aboard the “Mein Schiff®” fleet. Travelers can let TUI transport them to dream destinations and discover their new favourite works of art along the way. In the LUMAS Bar – our gallery on Deck 4 – guests find an inspiring selection of works by established artists and fascinating newcomers.

Theresa Thomczik, Gallery Director

“Unlike other narratives, photography has neither a beginning nor an end,” said Gregory Crewdson. Photo art has no boundaries, so dive in to the world of photography and go on an enchanting voyage with LUMAS!

Theresa Thomczik, Gallery Director
E-Mail: Ms5(at)

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