Diptych Art for Your Walls

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Diptych Art and Wall Decor

Traditionally, diptychs have served as devotional objects. The phsyical format of all polyptychs has lent itself well to narrativizing stages or episodes of a story, especially the lives of Christ and the Virgin Mary.

Whether as religious objects, or as pieces of modern art, like Andy Warhol's famous Marilyn Diptych, diptych artworks treat a common theme while offering it at different points of progression.

Staging diptych artworks in your home decor scheme can make powerful use of the traditional features of the diptych. Hang two panels next to each other to allow a given arc to unfold in one spot, and in the form of the book. Place the panels further apart, or introduce a vertical staggering to their alignment in order to tell a unique story.