Venice Art in Gallery Quality

The Italian lagoon city of Venice offers many beautiful sights. Who is unfamiliar with the world famous palazzi, piazzas or ponti? Around the Frand Canal and in the San Marco district there is St. Mark's Cathedral in St. Mark's Square, the Doge's Palace and the Rialto Bridge. Dream your way to Italy with Venice motifs as stylish and high quality art prints!

Venice Art:

Classic Venice paintings

Venice is one of the grand subjects of classical painting. Great Renaissance artists like Titian and Tintoretto took the city as a blank canvas, onto which was reflected back scenes of its undeniable beauty and grandeur. Oil painting began here in earnest, in the school of Gentile Bellini. His apprentices are credited with classic innovations in painting, including on the level of subject matter, their use of mythological motifs, their use of oil paints, and their expansion of landscape painting. Until the 17th century, mythological and Christian themes and symbolism mixed freely in the schools of Venetian painting. This tradition has been inherited to contemporary artists, whose paintings, photographs, and drawings continue to capture some of Venice's great features: the beach, the sunset, the gondola, the legendary Venice canal.

City views as panoramic canvases of the Canal Grande, moored gondolas, the baroque church Santa Maria della Salute, the breathtaking San Giorgio, and hundreds of bridges and Aqua Alta : This is how we know Venice. The art-loving city with its morbid charm is a real highlight of a vacation in Italy. Whether to the Biennale, the most important exhibition for contemporary art, or to the Carnevale die Venezia, a trip is always worthwhile! The floating city is as precarious as it is unique. Venice was built on millions of wooden pilings in the mud of the lagoon with a layer system of planks and stone slabs. This ingenious construction survived the centuries amazingly well! Nevertheless, Venice sinks a bit more every year. You can feel this melancholic transience in our Venice artworks.


A palazzo, in English "palace," is a former residence of the Venetian noble and patrician families. There are hundreds of these imposing houses in Venice. Some of them are privately owned, others owned by the state. Some palazzi are open to the public and are used as museums. Who doesn't dream of strolling through the magnificent chambers of the nobility and letting the magic of bygone times work on them? Reinhard Görner and Werner Pawlok take us on an exclusive tour through these precious scenes.

Venice panoramas

In the panoramas of Larry Yust, Venice comes into its own. Such integrated overviews of the Grand Canal, the colorful island of Burano, and Piazza San Marco are a rarty! Take your personal Venice trip whenever you want - with panoramic artworks of the romantic lagoon city.

Venice art as inspiration

Venice remains a place of longing. The traditions, the splendid buildings and the water inspire photo artists again and again. Andrej Barov deals with the medium of film and creates new digital art from still images of famous cinematic masterpieces. Luchino Visconti's literary film Death in Venice thus finds a further, exciting level on the digital screen.

Anne - Laure Maison merges illuminated shots of windows and house entrances into a mosaic of a city portrait. A play with outside and inside is created. She knows how to capture the magic of Venice through the cutout-like. Serge Guerand draws us into the middle of stories that we tell in our heads. His photographic works are not mere fashion photography, but contain a narrative that connects us with the model, the city of Venice and the view from the window, the view of the Grand Canal.

Pep Ventosa plays with the viewing habits and the gaze of a tourist. The motif of the Rialto Bridge is popular with Venice tourists, but the simultaneity of the superimposed snapshots and lines of sight is reminiscent of cubist masterpieces. The result is a vibrating picture in motion.