Erotic Black and White Art for Sale

Erotic art traditionally features the human body, nude or partially clothed, in sensual or provocative poses. When combined with black and white photography, what results is a genre unto itself. Explore our curated selection black and white erotic art.

Exploring Lumas Black and White Erotic Photography

Unlike representations of the naked body, an erotic artwork foregrounds other elements, which may be revealed through a particular pose, especially one which is suggestive of nudity or sexuality. Black and white art combines a sensual quality with the spare aesthetic of monochromatic art. What results is a stunning intersection of high drama and formal sophistication, qualities which are embodied in our portfolio of black and white erotic artworks by world-renowned and up-and-coming Lumas photo artists.

Erotic black and white photography presents a special opportunity for artists to capture stunning poses, the beautiful nude form, and even to highlight for the observer feelings of passion and love which might otherwise be hard to spot in the actual scene. From a stylized portrait of a woman in black and white to a photo of a man tossing a disc over a sandpit, the Lumas portfolio contains the full spectrum of black and white erotic art.