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Surreal Fashion

When fashion meets surreal mysticism, not only does it create a lot of drama, but also beautiful art. The artist Miss Aniela portrays young women in magnificent dresses and places them in exotic, regal environments. Her works, which became world famous under the name Surreal Fashion, magically combine two elements, enchanting every viewer. The spotlight is always on the seductive beauty of the models that shine in their lavish dresses and spectacular make-up. Their interaction with the magical environment and the beautiful animals creates a unique ambience, creating a dynamic element. Playful dogs, white doves and African wild animals breathe life in to the scene.

Miss Aniela is a confident, successful female photo artist that places great importance on showing her models in strong poses. At first glance, the young women may seem like daughters of a distinguished noble family, but rather than keeping up appearances and quietly following the traditional etiquette of their social standing, these women seek extravagant and exotic adventures. They determine their own lifestyle and their own fashion. Their eye-catching dresses are part of their personality, and the rampant animals that surround them are, too.

Miss Aniela carefully selects the spectacular locations for the photo shootings, which are always elegant manors with luxurious and noble auras. While preparing, the artist harmonises the costumes with the glamorous surroundings, skillfully creating a direct relationship between fashion and location. Afterwards she arranges the scene's animal companions in the studio. This is a particularly time-consuming and complex work process, which Miss Aniela has developed, refined, and perfected over many years. The artist - whose real name is Natalie Lennard - combines magical photographic art and fashion under the title Surreal Fashion. She uses classic pictoral compositions and processes them with modern means to create a unique, surreal ambience. Her works are reminiscent of the Renaissance Masters, yet simultaneously demonstrate peak modernity. Countless prizes and honours are the result of her many years of work, which has been exhibited all over the world and is frequently featured in the media.