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“Let’s make love,” demanded Marilyn Monroe in the 1960 film of the same name. To this day, her lascivious and iconic image remains positively enchanting to men and women alike. Artist Louis Sidoli presents the movie star in a new form of contemporary Pop Art, a fusion of neon, hand-drawn portraiture, and aluminum. The undying icon’s face is illuminated by an attached neon heart.

Sidoli perfected his handiwork over the course of years, experimenting with diverse images and new materials to refine his techniques. The artist discovered his passion for Pop Art in the 1970s, when he became fascinated with a David Bowie song in honor of legendary artist Andy Warhol. Just like that, a fire was lit.

“One of the exciting things about being an artist is that you never know what you might do next,” Sidoli says. “So although I love what I'm doing right now, I know that I might come up with something completely different in the future!”


British artist Louis Sidoli is self-taught. His work has featured in over 50 solo and group exhibitions throughout Great Britain and the USA alongside artists such as Andy Warhol. Collectors of Sidoli’s work include international stars such as Ozzy Osbourne and Liam Gallagher.