Künstler des Monats: Robert Lebeck

Introducing: Robert Lebeck

Discover museum-quality photo art by Robert Lebeck. Find out more about the artist.

About Robert Lebeck

A true giant in the field of photojournalism, Robert Lebeck (March 21, 1929 – June 14, 2014) was a special kind of artist who gave us a chance to experience historical moments in a very intimate way. Take a trip back in time with this legendary chronicler of the times.

Born in Berlin between the wars, Lebeck first studied ethnology before starting out as a freelance photographer. His work caught STERN magazine’s attention, and he worked for them for around thirty years sandwiched around a period as the Editor-In-Chief at GEO. Throughout his career, the self-taught artist published 15 books of his own photographic material. Many of his images have become seared in our collective memory.

Outrageous Luck

When it came to his work, Robert Lebeck was extremely modest. “I mostly had outrageous luck,” he once said. While he identified himself as a photographic reporter, he was, and is, held in the highest artistic regards thanks to his impeccable technique and sense for capturing the perfect moment.

Photography connoisseurs know it requires much more than luck to create works like Lebeck’s: a ballerina frozen mid-leap at the Bolschoi Theater, a haunting portrait of artist Joseph Beuys, two sailboats gliding on the sea in Bora Bora, or a group of boys gleefully dangling from a tree over the water in 1960s New York. In all of these works, the emotion of the moment is amplified, allowing us to experience its full impact as though we were there.

Robert Lebeck

“You should always take photographs in a way that lets you revisit the moment.”

Robert Lebeck

Face to Face with Iconic Figures

Throughout his career, Robert Lebeck worked with many celebrities, resulting in enduring portraits. In the Vis-à-vis series, he gives us access to very personal moments with Romy Schneider, Alfred Hitchcock, Joseph Beuys, and Herbert von Karajan. In Lebeck’s photographs, we see the real person beneath the surface of these famous faces.

The contact sheets are an illustrated master class in portrait photography. They show how the shoots progressed. We see how at ease the subjects felt while working with Lebeck. And naturally, we see the various poses, angles, and compositions he shot in search of the magic moment that would remain engrained in our memories.

Enjoy slices of history, time alone with stars, and scenes that chronicle the feeling of a moment in time! Bring home a museum-quality artwork by Robert Lebeck now!

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