Introducing: Sandra Rauch

Discover museum-quality photo art by Sandra Rauch, who created the exclusive holiday design for LUMAS this year. Find out more about the artist.

About Sandra Rauch

Artist Sandra Rauch takes inspiration from the vivid chaos of city life. Camera in hand, she travels to bustling locations and takes countless photographs. From these, she distills the essence of the city. Rauch edits these photos digitally and experiments with colors, letters, and other symbols. This results in energetic works of art in which cityscapes are condensed into striking mixed-media experiences.

Between Photography and Technology

Born in Berlin in 1967, Rauch is very familiar with big city dynamics. A mere glance at her art is enough to sense the freedom and infinite variety that lie hidden at the heart of every metropolis. In her work, past and present become a single, colorful excerpt of everyday life in the city.

“The silkscreen is my paintbrush,” the artist says about her creative process. It is fascinating how vibrant and also familiar Sandra Rauch’s interpretations of the planet’s biggest cities are. Mounted under a layer of glossy acrylic glass, her artworks are often reminiscent of mirror-smooth glass facades of giant skyscrapers with countless windows.

Sandra Rauch studied painting and graphic design in Dresden. She now describes herself as a “Tec Artist.” She constantly experiments with new media and expands her work into multimedia installations involving speakers or integrated video displays. Discover diverse silk screen pieces, in which reality, illusion, photography, and technology all coalesce.

Sandra Rauch designed the festive display windows for our galleries

Sandra Rauch designed the festive display windows for our galleries

The Exclusive Collaboration with LUMAS

Experience Sandra Rauch’s holiday magic on our website or in person at one of our galleries, where she has created a magical world, just for LUMAS. This year, we’re showing the festive, wintry streets of New York. Enjoy the layered, screen-printed images in our display windows. Or take your gifts to the next level with shiny stickers and postcards – all in exclusive designs by the artist.

Sandra Rauch

The holiday season is enchanting in every city in the world! The golden, glittery ambiance in New York City is magical. I definitely wanted to capture this special atmosphere and express it visually. I wish you all happy and art-filled holidays!

Sandra Rauch

Elevate your holiday celebrations with colorful photo art by Sandra Rauch! And Happy Holidays from all of us at LUMAS!