Artist of the Month: Olaf Hajek

Artist of the Month: Olaf Hajek

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About Olaf Hajek

In the art of Olaf Hajek, anything is possible. Butterflies, birds, and fruits jut out of opulent hairdos of mystical looking women. It is not at all surprising to find out that Olaf Hajek is a virtuoso storyteller and one of the most in-demand illustrators in the world. He works for major publications including The New Yorker, Rolling Stone, and Architectural Digest.

“I love floral elements, people, animals, and the connection between these subjects,” Hajek says. “I also love to connect the aesthetic of different cultures with each other.” When we look at these magnificent worlds piled atop women’s heads, we find something familiar in them. At the same time, we are astonished by the unexpected combination of the image’s different elements. The German artist gives the viewer a glimpse into foreign cultures, illustrating their beauty in a style all his own.

Intoxicating and Enigmatic Artworks

With his powerful Antoinettes, Hajek celebrates the grace and beauty of his muses. The models’ opulent headwear becomes a colorful, mythical shadow of the subject. Hajek’s works are an homage to ethnic diversity and a seductive mix of South-African traditions and European influences. “I have always been fascinated by archaic and celestial Folk Art and primitive art,” the artist says. On one hand, this results in the creation of something naïve, but on the other hand, everything is completely embellished. Hajek says he is extremely attracted to these contradictions. He plays with historically known illustrative techniques from different eras, executing them in a contemporary way.

In his intoxicating artworks, which he primarily paints using acrylics on wood, paper or gray cardboard, Hajek plays with the viewer’s own illuminating imagination. With their subdued colors, Hajek’s Antoinettes might appear as if they were painted on old boat wood. When the artist works with wood panels, he first primes the surface with black acrylic paint and then works his way up from the background layer by layer. Hajek uses pastels on the acrylics to create a layered, shimmering effect. He applies different colors, rubs them off, and then adds new color nuances. In this way, the renowned illustrator uses his signature visual vocabulary to create tropical, floral pieces brimming with enchanting figures and rare hues.

Olaf Hajek

Everyone who paints a flower, paints a flower, but they do not actually know what mysteries it holds. Nature is simply fascinating.

Olaf Hajek

Opulent Treasure Troves of Flora and Fauna

Olaf Hajek highlights opulence and grace in a particular way that is not based on earthly vanity. Instead, it is based on the colorful abundance of nature. In his floral masterpieces, we see fantastic plants in vivid colors, growing and stretching in the night sky. Or else we find a delicate hand grasping a bouquet in which life itself is blossoming. Just one glance is enough to reveal exotic worlds bursting at the seams with mysterious stories.

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