Art Basel Artists and Trends at LUMAS

Discover impressive works of art by A. R. Penck, Takashi Murakami, Christo, and Gilbert & George at LUMAS. Our collection is rife with internationally celebrated Art Basel artists. As LUMAS Master Editions, these original pieces are always hand-signed and limited in number.

An Art Basel Favorite: A. R. Penck

A.R. Penck: So viel Anfang war nie

A. R. Penck’s visual vocabulary of signs and symbols is universal. Darwing on historical and political themes, the late Art Basel artist has delighted countless visitors at international art fairs. Selected Penck works are available as LUMAS Master Editions.

Pictured: A.R. Penck's "So viel Anfang war nie"

Art Basel Artist Takashi Murakami

Takashi Murakami

Takashi Murakami blurs the lines between high culture and Japanese pop culture. The Art Basel artist has a storied career that even includes a sculptural collaboration with Pharrell Williams. Earlier this year, Murakami’s art was on display at the Hong Kong edition of Art Basel.

Photo: Takashi Murakami © The Photo Access / Alamy Stock Foto

Art Basel Artist Christo


From wrapping up the German Reichstag building to covering entire islands in pink cloth, the art of Christo and Jean-Claude has been unmistakeable for decades. The multi-faceted works have also enchanted countless art enthusiasts at in Basel, Hong Kong, and Miami. Discover the artist’s work at LUMAS now!

Photo: Christo © imageBROKER / Alamy Stock Photo

Art Basel Artists Gilbert & George

Gilbert & George

A playful game of orchestrated taboo-breaking. Art duo Gilbert & George can be seen in the LUMAS portfolio in their typical, tailor-made suits. They also exhibited at the Hong Kong edition of Art Basel in 2018 with memorable works.

Photo: Gilbert & George © 360b / Alamy Stock Foto

Art Basel Trends at LUMAS

Discover the art world’s hottest trends at LUMAS! See unique skateboard decks with works by Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat. Experience the colorful knotted pistol sculptures Yoko Ono and Muhammad Ali designed as part of the Non-Violence Art Project. Recently neon Plexiglas frames have been a hit at all the major international art fairs – at LUMAS, you’ll find them with Rogério Reis’s work. Circular pictures and cut-outs are also in high demand right now. Their extraordinary shape draws attention and transcends the boundaries of traditional wall art. This is beautifully exemplified in Vincent Poole’s life-sized silhouettes. Contemporary lenticular pictures change appearance as the viewing angle changes. This technique gives the work of Art Basel artist Damien Hirst an extraordinary, 3-dimensional appearance.

Discover Photo Art at the LUMAS Gallery in Basel

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