Consultations at LUMAS

When it comes to acquiring a new artwork, an absolutely essential part of the decision making process is the question: What will suit the atmosphere of your home? Which piece, which style, which frame and finish, which hanging system? In client discussions our LUMAS Art Consultants devote themselves everyday afresh and with the utmost commitment to the challenge of finding an individual and custom tailored solution just for your home.

To enable our Art Consultants to offer you the best possible advice, simply bring a few image files of the area you wish to decorate when you next visit one of our LUMAS galleries. The area could be your flat, your office or even a public exhibition space. With the help of professional picture editing software we will create a visualisation of how your desired area looks with an edition from the LUMAS portfolio on the wall. You can create your own shortlist of artworks and choose the finish that is exactly to your liking.

With their passion for art and flair for understanding the desires of clients, our Art Consultants are always ready to find the best solution for you. Pay us a visit soon; we look forward to advising you!