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Peacefully, the water extends out as far as the eye can see. As we conjure up the gentle sound of the waves, we are overcome by an exhilarating sense of tranquillity. Has the sea ever appeared so elementary, yet so magically compelling, as it does in the images by Wolfgang Uhlig?

Time and time again, the Frankfurt-based artist has devoted himself to the sea, capturing its charged atmosphere at different times of the day and in varying weather conditions. Providing a fixed reference point, the horizon ties his “Ocean” series together, allowing him to present the shifting colours of sky and sea in a formation of clearly defined lines.

As dawn breaks, the sea is bathed in a soft light, but later, the sun will highlight its powerful colours. Renowned for his minimalist style, Uhlig also has a strong sense of aesthetics, using a wide range of blue tones to transmit feelings of the utmost serenity and beauty. There is nothing in sight to disrupt the scenes’ idyllic nature: no people, no ships, not a trace of civilisation. Even the coastline remains out of view, allowing us to fully submerge ourselves in the images. Uhlig reveals the different moods of the ocean through the glistening surface of the water; the full range of human emotions is on display, and we can almost sense our own memories in the briny depths.

The viewer is drawn in by the artist’s atmospheric approach. We are reminded of the classical landscape paintings of William Turner or Caspar David Friedrich. Uhlig’s emotive works are links to art history that stand out through their sheer precision.

Hannah Hör

1962born in Darmstadt, Germany
1986-1990Assistance to various photographers
1990-1992 Art education, University Frankfurt, Germany
1992lives and works in Frankfurt, Germany

Exhibitions (Selection)

2000FFF, group exhibition, Studio Gutleut, Frankfurt, Germany
20021/8 motion, solo exhibition, Galerie Morgan, Frankfurt, Germany
2005Seltmann Werbefoto, group exhibition, Städtische Galerie, Lüdenscheid, Germany
2008See-Conference Deepol, group exhibition, Wiesbaden, Germany
2009Access All Areas, group exhibition, Die Firma, Wiesbaden, Germany
2009Werbefotopreis 2009, group exhibition, Postfuhramt Berlin, Germany

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