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Golfer’s paradise

Stefan von Stengel has been visiting golf courses and tournaments around the world for over twenty years. His breathtaking views have been published internationally in golf magazines and books, and, himself a golfer with a 10 handicap, he has also played each and every course he has photographed. But he not only assumes the golfer’s perspective: he also always tries to find the unusual point of view that embeds the courses into the harmonious landscapes around them. He captures stunning shots at daybreak or in the warm light of sundown such as those taken in Scotland and Ireland, where rolling golf-course hills and mountain ranges, bays at sea, classic fortress ruins and Medieval cloisters each have a role to play.

The breadth of his photographs lends allows for a cinematic effect that does more than just snobbishly illustrate the sport at hand: the sweeping gaze affords fascinating impressions of the countries themselves.

Closely tied to the historical architecture and the landscape’s beauty, golf has been considered the Irish people’s sport for nearly a century. With 375 courses it is considered the best golf country in the world, also thanks to the sheer number of courses and their locations’ absolute beauty. Dunes and bluffs are often tastefully integrated as natural obstacles, and the often powerful wind calls for patience and finesse from even the best players. The Scottish Castle Course at St. Andrews, whose bays, wild dune landscape on the sea, hills, and nearby mountains von Stengel has captured picturesquely, also stands for the harmonious unity very special golf courses have with their native landscapes. Von Stengel describes his photography, which he can so perfectly combine with his passion for golf, as a dream job.

Christina Wendenburg

- Photographer for over 20 years with a specialization on all topics concerning the sport of golf
- Lives and works in Hamburg, Germany

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