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The City as an Ornament

Diversity is Sandra Rauch’s strength. After her training as a type designer, she studied communications design in Berlin as well as graphic design and painting in Dresden. She therefore prefers to effortlessly incorporate various techniques such as photography, typography, and silk-screen printing in her paintings. She paints on acrylic glass rather than canvas, piling compressed scenes of the metropolises New York and Hong Kong on the front and backside of the glass.

She attaches great importance to glowing, expressive colors, and virtuously works with space and perspective, producing views that resemble a photo or video camera. Trickily, she assembles graphic symbols, neon billboards, and various advertisement typographies along the blocks and urban canyons. Her vibrant city scenes are an especial compression of various experiences.

Sandra Rauch also photographs and researches on site. In the end, a work emerges that describes the act of discovery from memory, charged with visual impressions and imagination.

She condenses an urban district in to a medial experience. Tracing the pulse of the city, she develops a visual network that follows it own rules and gives each metropolis its own character. For her, the city space is a fascinating dialogue of information and typography, colored banners and symbols. Sandra Rauch brings to life places like New York’s Times Square as a dense overlapping tapestry of façades and signets, signs and systems of symbols. These structures build a colorful extract of every day urban life. Her works are also experiments with material, opening access into the world of experience on different continents.   

In Sandra Rauch’s paintings, neon lights gleam and colors are alienated, and yet one believes in the reality of the pictures. She leaves the possibility for interpretation open and allows the viewer access to new patterns of perception, despite coded ciphers in foreign languages, Asian scripts, and pictograms. In the end, her metropolises are an internationally readable tableau and a great invitation to dive into worlds of experience.

Christina Wendenburg
1967Born in Berlin, Germany
1991 - 1995
Studies of Communication Design, KHB, Berlin, Germany
1993 - 1998
Study in Italy and France
1995Change at the HFBK Dresden; Field: Art Painting / Graphic
1998Diploma: Art Painting / Graphic at Prof. Kerbach
2000 - 2007Assistant to Professor Kerbach at the HFBK Dresden, Germany
2007Foundation of the Kunstsalon Europa, Produzentengalerie
2010 - 20116 month stay in San Francisco and Silicon Valley, USA

Lives and works in Berlin, Germany

Grants (Selection)

HSPIII Stipendium, Dresden
1998Hegenbarth Stipendium, Dresden

Exhibitions (Selection)


30.8 - 30.12Galerie ZANDI, HONGKONG Bus, Berlin, Germany
3.9 - 15.10Galerie Kuhn & Partner, Kong At Work, Berlin, Germany
6. Berliner Kunstsalon, Berlin, Germany

Preview Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Scope Basel Einladung, Switzerland

Tease Köln, Germany

NYC, Kunstsalon Europa, Berlin, Germany
20085. Berliner Kunstsalon, Berlin, Germany

Hong Kong, Kunstsalon Europa, Berlin, Germany
2007100 Millionen, CFP, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

All memories will be lost in time, Galerie MFK, Berlin, Germany

Museum of Modern Art Guangzhou, China

Druschba, Galerie MFK, Berlin, Germany
2006ZEIT ‚N‘ GEIST, Galerie VonderBank, Hamburg, Germany

Downtown, Galerie Horschik, Dresden, Germany
2005XIV. Deutsche Grafik Triennale, Frechen, Collogne, Germany
2003SAN.DI COMMANDER, Galerie Horschik, Dresden, Germany
2000SAN.DI COMMANDER, Mousonturm, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

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