Nicola Schudy

Nicola Schudy

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Playing Fields of Life
The stage sets of our daily togetherness have many faces. They wait patiently for us to enter them and fill them with life. Whether squares, bridges, terraces or soccer fields, each terrain stipulates its own rules, attracts different groups and invites one to take part in different activities. Nicola Schudy explores these unwritten rules and events with a preference for places that elude our general attention: rural soccer fields, urban wasteland, or even hunting blinds in the forest. She uses these architectural phenomena as projection surfaces for associations and thoughts and binds them to questions of homeland and identity. The photo series of village soccer goalposts throughout Europe evoke not only images of rural idylls and communities, but also of homeland and youth. The bias for the theatrical is also found in her other artistic activities. Nicola Schudy, who works closely with theater and film, creates thematically dense works, installations out of objects, photography, drawings and moving images. This is expanded with her work in film, as she has worked with set design for Peter Greenaway and in theater, for Christoph Schlingensief.
Petra Prahl

1968Born in Selters, Westerwald
1988-95Düsseldorf Technical College, Visual Communication, Diploma
1991-1992Ecole des Beaux Arts Besançon, France, Fine Art
1993-1999Design Assistant in Film and Theater, including for Peter Greenaway, Christoph Schlingensief
 Lives and works in Cologne

Solo Exhibitions (Selection)

2004Paysage Avalé/Verschluckte Landschaft (Swallowed Lanscape) - Gallery Pavé dans la Mare, Besançon, France
 Eine architektonische Sehnsucht in 1:50 (A Architectonic Yearning in 1:50), Plan/Forum aktueller Architektur, Cologne
2003Landschaftsaneignung (Lanscape Acquisition)- pooltable, UROBA, Vienna
 Landschaftsaneignung #2. Sonne/Hoffnung (Lanscape Acquisition #2. Sun/Hope), Kunstraum Deltawerk, Solingen
2002Eine architektonische Sehnsucht (An Architectonic Yearning), Royal Exhibition Space), Berlin
2000Transportsysteme - mock up (Transport Systems - mock up), Projektraum, Düsseldorf
1997Hermès manœuvre - Théâtre Parlant, Gallery Interface/MMM, Marseille
1996Letter à l´atelier - Ecole Maternelle Victor Hugo, Besançon, France
 Le vaillant petit tailleur - a theatrical staging reduced to suitcase size, Besançon, France

Group Exhibitions (Selection)

20044 x 4 Positionen zeitgenössischer Fotografie (4 x 4 Positions of Contemporary Photography), Goethe-Institut, Sofia
2001slimvolume poster publication, Austrian Culture Institute, London
1999Airportraits - Graz Airport, Graz
 Überobjekte, Modelle, Landschaften (Overobjects, Models, Landscapes), Kunstpunkte Düsseldorf, Düsseldorf
1996Bergischer Art Prize Exhibition, Klingenmuseum Solingen, Solingen

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