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French artist Michel Rajkovic is a perfectionist when it comes to researching and selecting locations for his emotionally charged landscape photographs.

In 2008 this dedication was rewarded with a first prize at the Prix de la Photographie Paris. Without fail he finds situations that visually describe those magical moments of sunrise and sunset. And he is capable of bolstering the character of dreamlike sequences by using prolonged exposures to smooth out water surfaces, sedate and elongate cloud formations, and accentuate the horizon line.

He guides our gaze gently, for example to a dock floating on a lake in which its stakes have long since sunk. Rajkovic composes highly charged landscapes in his black-and-white photography, some of which celebrate magical moments of appearance and disappearance with soft wisps of fog. The historic lake bridge and the strangely constructed iron pavilion seem to float strangely above the water’s surface: its legs are no longer anchored in the water but in billowy cotton.

The interplay of sky and water, landscape and horizon is characterized by the smooth chronologic and visual transitions. Rajkovic has honed the photographic phenomenon of holding everything in suspense. His photographs forego dramatic cloud formations and spectacular panoramas but celebrate instead slightly distended situations that make time for introspection. In the wonderful shades of gray hidden in coastal landscapes and in rocky bluffs shrouded in the morning fog the photographer discovers a harmonious peacefulness and a restrained way of handling time and space. Our gaze may drift deep into the distance, and time in Rajkovic’s dreamscapes seems to go by ever so slowly, as though we were present at an everlasting wonder of nature.

Christina Wendenburg

Lives and works in Asnières sur Seines, France

Awards (Selection)

2009    Participation at the Festival International de l’Image Environnementale
   Laudatory acceptance at the Spider Awards, Kategorie Fine Art, USA

Participation at the Athens Photo Festival, Greece
  Participation at the Best of Show New-York, IPA, International Photography Awards, USA
  Third award category Bridge, IPA, International Photography
Awards, USA
2008    First award category Fine Art (non pro), Photography Award PX3 Paris 2008, France
  First award category Fine Art - Abstrakt (non pro), Photography Award PX3 Paris 2008, France

Exhibitions (Selection)

2009-2010    Institut Français d'Athènes, Athens Photo Festival, Greece
2009    Splathlight Studio New-York (Group Exhibition), Best of Show, IPA2009, USA
2009-2007    Galerie du Lucernaire, Paris, France
2009    Festival de la photographie de Toulouse (Group Exhibition), France
2008    Festival de photographie d'Arles (Group Exhibition), SFR-Jeunes talents, Arles, France

Galerie Acte2, Prix de la Photographie Paris PX3 (Group Exhibition), Paris, France

Books/Catalogs (Selection)

Katalog  Athens Photo Festival, Greece, 2009
Webmag Monochrome, France, 2009
Shots Magazine, USA 2008
Photofan, France, 2008
PX3 Annual Book 2008, Paris, 2008
Le Parisien, France, 2008
JPG Magazine, USA, 2007
Webmag File Magazine, USA, 2007

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