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The Jungle of Cities

H.G. Esch has worked successfully as an architectural photographer for the major offices that effectively design today's urban space and that of the future. His passion for his work often makes him forget the boundaries between commissioned and freelance jobs.

Spaces pile up in the air and H.G. Esch's architecture photographs present where narrow megacities become even narrower in a highly aesthetic, image-filling density. Esch learned the craft classically; the buildings and cities that he documents reads like a list of powerful economic centers of the globe. Supplementing and complementing his work are the images of the gigantic housing blocks of those who keep these economic and production machines going.

H.G. Esch meticulously observes the changing of light at the Chrysler Building in New York, one of the historic landmarks of the emerging United States and its early economic success. The elegant crown of the office tower in the style of American Art Déco changes from deep brown, to rapturous violet to bright blue. It seems to be like a barometer of the mood change in nearby Wall Street, a place that has shaped the whole world since the thirties at the latest.

But the faces of the numerous other and new mega-cities are in unremitting change – the next building boom will bring with it new architectural fashions again summoning H.G. Esch to document them in classical perfection.

Horst Klöver

1964born in Neuwied/Rhine, Germany

classical education as photographer

since 1989freelance architecture photographer

Books/Catalogs (Selection)

Marienburg, Editor: Wolfram Hagspiel, photographs by Hans Georg Esch, Bachem Verlag, 2007

Gebaut, Editor: Nebel und Pössl, photographs by Hans-Georg Esch, Karl Krämer Verlag, 2007

Kunst/Art Lufthansa Aviation Center, Editor: Max Hollein/Nicolaus Schafhausen, photographs by Hans-Georg Esch, revolver, 2007

KPF Selected Works, Editor:  J.Wiliam Davis, photographs by Hans-Georg Esch, images Publishing, 2005

Bugatti Molsheim, Editor: Gunter Henn, photographs by Hans-Georg Esch, Junius Verlag, 2005

Zukunft gestalten, Editor: LBBW, photographs by Hans-Georg Esch, 2005

Das Projekthaus, Editor: Gunter Henn, photographs by Hans-Georg Esch, Junius Verlag, 2004

Mercedes-Benz Brand Places, Editor: Daimler Chrysler AG, photographs by Hans-Georg Esch, avedition GmbH, 2004

Romanische Kirchen in Köln und ihr historisches Umfeld, Editor: Hiltrud Kier, photographs by Hans-Georg Esch, Bachem Verlag, 2004

Ingenhoven und Partner energies, Editor: Kristin Feireiss, photographs by Hans-Georg Esch, Birkhäuser 2003

Architektur und Design, Editor: Ingenhoven,Overdiek und Partner/KMS Team, photographs by Hans-Georg Esch, Birkhäuser, 2001

Kirchen in Köln, Editor: Hiltrud Kier, photographs by Hans-Georg Esch, Bachem Verlag, 1999

Hans Georg Esch, City and Structure, Editor: Kristin Feireiss, 2008

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