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The young Berlin creative duo named c.neeon has attracted international attention for some time. Whether at the ZKM-fashion-show in Karlsruhe, the exhibit moDe! in Tokyo or the presentation “EU Young Fashion Summit” in Vienna, Clara Leskovar and Doreen Schulz keep surprising their public with austere, constructivist, preferably asymmetric creations. Their fashion plays with architectural volumes and bright, lush primary colors borrowed from Mondrian, Sonja Delaunay and the 60s palette. In the meantime they have conquered the realm of the museum, exhibiting in the Berlin “Museum of Decorative Arts”, where they are presenting more than 30 outfits in combination with collages, videos and photomontages.These montages are now available at Lumas. Bodies that become patterns, rasters materializing to clothing, in rooms taken from everyday life, forming a grey scenery, made to be outshone by fashion.c.neeon – the name is a fusion of the duo’s  nicknames from childhood – aren’t gaudy, but they do demand self-confidence. There is no hiding once you’ve plunged into their bold block stripes in green and red, into contrasting planes of black and white, overflowing patterns reminiscent of draperies, the kind blowing in the windows of the young German republic. The collages condense this vitality and encourage you to complete the photo to a way of living – through music, literature, art and, of course, fashion.
2002‚air-liquid’ collection is exhibited at Levis-Store Buttenheim Berlin
2004 Participation at ‘Beck´s Fashion Experience’ in Berlin. First time with the label name ‘c.neeon’
Participation at ‚Moet et Chandon Fashion Debut’ in Berlin. Winner of the competition ‘Fashion channel’ at Galeries Lafayette Berlin.
Participation at ‚ZKM’ Fashion Show in Karlsruhe
2005 Winner of the ‚Grand Prix’ at the 20th ‚Hyères Festival International de Mode & de Photographie’ in France
Participation at the exhibition ‚moDe!’ within the scope of GermanYear in Tokyo 
Participation at the exhibition ‚Ausgezeichnet’ at the Designcentre of Bremen
Special collection for the British ‘Top Shop’ CompanyPresentation of the s/s collection ‘do you remember the  first time?’ during the London fashion week. It´s part of the New Gen Sponsorship
2006Participation at ‚Ideal’ Fashion-Show in Berlin
Presentation of a/w collection ‚Hashmichmaedchen’ during the London Fashion Week. It´s part of the New gen SponsorshipPresentation during ‘Moda Donna’ being part of the ‘Milano in contra Berlino’ project
Presentation at ‚Create Berlin’ Exhibition in Tokyo
Presentation of a/w collection at Hyères/France
Presentation during ‚EU Young Fashion Summit’ in Vienna
Special Exhibition of ‚c..neeon’ at Kunstgewerbemuseum Berlin
Presentation of the s/s collection ‘local foreigner grz vk59’ during the London fashion week. It´s part of the New Gen Sponsorship 

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