The LUMAS principle

Generally, galleries offer large-format, single-print editions, or works with 3-5 prints and 4-5 figure prices, to experienced collectors, institutions and museums. As an alternative, there are the mass-produced, indistinct reproductions found in museum shops. There is a gap in the market for those who have outgrown industrially produced art and are looking for affordable, authentic works. LUMAS was established to fill that gap by creating a new space for art that appeals to all art lovers, including new collectors.

LUMAS offers a huge variety of works from 160 established photographers, promising newcomers, and historical archives. By attending exhibitions, conventions and festivals, our Portfolio Management team keeps informed of the latest trends in the art market. This team works with the LUMAS artists through every step of the process; continually develops the LUMAS Portfolio; and identifies new topics, themes and exhibitions.

More than 1,400 hand-signed originals are available in limited editions, usually of 75-150 prints, or as open editions. These print runs enable us to offer affordable prices, ranging from $100 to $700 for limited editions and open editions starting at $70. LUMAS wants everybody to be able to afford high-grade, artistic photographs in museum quality--even in larger formats. 

LUMAS Limited Editions

LUMAS Limited Editions


Photography is a medium that technically allows for the production of any number of “originals.” Thus, if the number of prints is limited, that becomes very meaningful. In our LUMAS Limited Editions, the number of prints in a particular format will not exceed that edition’s specified print run. The principle: the owner of a photograph in a limited edition of, for example, 75 copies shares the rights to the artwork with just 74 other people worldwide, and each print is an original.

In the art market, works are elevated to original status when they are hand-signed by the artist. A signed edition certificate guarantees the authenticity of the artist’s signature and includes the edition’s significant details: format, date stamp and the work’s print number. This form of signature, which we agreed upon with our artists, meets the international standards followed by all major auction houses.

LUMAS Auflagen

Editions with Clear Limits


LUMAS and each artist come to a contractual agreement as to how often an artwork can be recreated. Furthermore, the artists commit themselves to not offering any additional prints of the work. Besides the defined edition sizes at LUMAS, the artist reserves the right to offer a few prints – usually in considerably larger formats – to galleries and museums. This is essential for the work to become known. 

For every edition, there are 2-10 so-called "artist proofs" in addition to the numbered edition prints. These proofs are made available to the artist for quality control. Under special circumstances, they will be marked as artist proofs and sold by LUMAS at increased prices once the edition has sold out. If you acquire an edition that has the "Sold" status, with a little luck, that might just be one of the coveted artist proofs. 

Fair Prices

Together with the artists and their gallery representatives, LUMAS determines the individual price for each edition. The significance of the artist's work, its size, and the number of prints all play a role in the pricing. For example, if a museum work (in an edition with five prints, each measuring 100x120cm) sells for $12,000, LUMAS would offer an edition measuring 50x60cm. After reducing the artwork's area to one fourth, the price could also be quartered to $3,000. If you increase the number of prints by a factor of 20 (to 100 total prints), then each buyer must pay only 1/20th of the original price – just $150 per print. Accounting for higher production costs, the adjusted price would be rounded up to $200. This is the underlying principle behind LUMAS – affordable prices achieved by offering somewhat larger editions with no reduction in artistic quality or craftsmanship. Both museum works and the LUMAS editions are comparably fairly-priced.

Occasionally, if editions achieve a status of ‘bestseller’ or ‘last prints,’ LUMAS increases their price. The ‘bestseller’ label applies when at least 60% of the edition has been sold, ‘last prints’ when at least 80% of the edition has been sold. When a work achieves the status of ‘sold,’ this means that no prints remain for sale on LUMAS.COM. However, sometimes it is still possible to find individual prints in our galleries or prints that are returned from art fairs. ‘Sold’ works are those with the highest price level at LUMAS; when an edition is sold-out, its value increases because the demand for it cannot be met.

Open Editions

LUMAS Open Editions


If the total number of prints is not specified, the edition is neither limited nor signed – and is therefore especially affordable. However, Open Editions are all “real” photo prints with an edition certificate.

Motivgröße, Papiergröße

Paper Size, Image Size


The given measurements refer to the photographic paper. If an additional (smaller) image size is given, that means the artist has chosen a white border, the width of which is the difference in the dimensions. 

Echte Fotografien

Real Photographs


LUMAS Editions are Color Lambda Prints on Fujicolor Crystal Archive photographic paper, created at our partner lab, WhiteWall. You can find more details here. Exceptions are always mentioned in the edition details.

Geringe Lieferzeiten

Quick Delivery Times


LUMAS keeps most artwork available for you. Therefore, the delivery time usually ranges between 14-21 days. Contact your local gallery to find out if individual works are immediately available.



If not otherwise stated, all editions displayed are printed by LUMAS and are therefore available exclusively from LUMAS.

Editions and Appreciation

Galleries' high-end offerings with five-digit prices present the best opportunity for appreciation. However, their edition offshoots show astounding potential - in evidence at specialized auctions - simply due to their limited status. Once an edition has sold out, there is a marked demand for the pieces. Sometimes, the price rises only slightly, but in other cases, it increases by a multiple of five or ten. The best advice is to not take this into consideration, but rather to acquire a work of art simply because you would truly love to have it.

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