LUMAS Franchising - From the Pioneer of affordable Art

Become a LUMAS Franchise partner and open your own gallery for original, hand-signed
yet accessible art!

LUMAS Franchise Facts:

  • LUMAS turns reputable art into an expandable Retail Franchise Concept
  • LUMAS makes art accessible for a broad audience
  • LUMAS works closely with some of the most renowned artists (Andreas Feininger, Berenice Abbott, Michel Comte or Werner Herzog), archives and estates, such as Trunk, Vogue or Hulton Archive
  • Offering hand-signed original art both in retail and eCommerce LUMAS has no competition
  • Target Group: nearly all Highstreet shoppers, mostly affluent, urban professionals from 35 to 60 

  • Successfully founded in 2004 in Berlin by art collectors and business professionals
  • Instant Success also in New York, London, Paris, Vienna, Zurich, Munich and 17 other A- and B- Cities
  • As a true multi-channel concept LUMAS offers a cutting edge eCommerce Suite
  • LUMAS already ships successfully to more than 50 countries
  • First 24 stores wholly owned – now rolled out as a proven and optimized concept including Franchising
  • LUMAS publishes Original Art Editions of renowned artists and promising talents of major art academies
  • All Limited Editions are exclusive to LUMAS and hand-signed by the artists
  • Unique and unparalleled selection for  nearly any taste and environment
  • Appearance and pricing can be optimized by vast custom framing and mounting options
  • Average showroom size of 200 m² (suitable sizing ranges from 120 to 250 m²)
  • Revenue mostly doubles in the first 5 years - continuous like-for-like growth of more than 20%
  • Locations frequently reach a sales level of €1.000.000+ - solely based on affordable art editions
  • Not a single location in Europe has ever been closed down
  • Franchising opportunities now available in countries where LUMAS is currently not present
  • Sustainable and long-lasting Business Case and products beyond short-lived trends and seasonality

  • Unique gallery grade quality due to wholly owned specialized manufacturing (WhiteWall.com)
  • On-demand production – low inventory risks, customizable products
  • Quick and efficient restocking (2 weeks) without minimum order values
  • New Art Editions and framing options being added continuously by 10 Art Curators
  • Localized pricing to fully utilize market potential as Franchise Partner

LUMAS Franchise

How does LUMAS Franchising work?

As a franchisee you will:

  • open your own LUMAS gallery using our Store Design and Style Guide,
  • operate with a promising focus both on B2C and B2B opportunities,
  • sell LUMAS art exclusively in your territory (including eCommerce; utilizing all the multi-channel upside),
  • use our brand name and internet domains,
  • use our Frontend- and Backend-IT including Reporting Tools,
  • use a local adaption of our ready to be translated catalogue,
  • conduct local marketing and PR activities using our ready to deploy templates.

LUMAS Franchise

What makes LUMAS an ideal partner for a Franchisee?


  • Support and consulting in all fields related to the gallery opening and the daily business, including:
    • Location analysis
    • Experienced Franchise Management
    • Business and process planning
    • Support on construction and designing of the gallery
    • Strategic planning and business development
    • Support on Conduct of daily business
    • Staff training
    • Marketing & PR-Toolbox
  • State of the art gallery design and concept
  • Image and portfolio collection
  • Excellent B2B opportunities in addition to gallery sales
  • True multi-channel approach and participation in the online
    eCommerce momentum

LUMAS Franchise

What you as a powerful Franchisee should ideally bring to the table:


  • An affinity to art
  • Understanding of the LUMAS concept and target group
  • Business (knowledge) background
  • Experience with luxury goods, upmarket retail and/ or gallery business
  • Experience in running a company and/ or leading employees
  • Access to prime locations in major cities LUMAS is not yet present in
  • € 250.000 - € 400.000 investment for the first gallery

LUMAS Franchise

Commercial Reasons to decide on LUMAS as Franchisor:


  • Low Capex of less than €1.000 per sqm.
  • ROI of less than 10 months historically
  • Sales doubled in the first 5-6 years in nearly every location
  • Gross Margin of around 60%
  • Correspondingly high EBITDA margins
  • Master Franchise available for experienced high-rollers 

LUMAS Franchise

How to apply?


Please fill out the provided questionnaire and send it to Jörg Stankewitz, Director Franchise International at Avenso GmbH.


We’ll get back to you as soon as we have evaluated your information.

Thank you!

LUMAS Franchise Questionnaire
Download here

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